la vie boheme

In bits & pieces, recollections on October 11, 2006 by carinasuyin

I started keeping a blog after returning from an entire month of backpacking Europe in the summer of 2004. Facing a quarter-life-crisis, restless and lost, I took up the suggestion to blog from Adrian (who’s been a mentor of sorts in more ways than he knows). All these stuff in my head, my heart, and through my eyes, they had to be deposited somewhere before they each fade from existence in Father Time’s hands.

twentysevenSo much have transpired as the years flew. I fell in and out of love. I made new friends and rediscovered old ones. I still have not found my calling but I know for sure what I love to do, what is important in my life and most of all, what is worth fighting for. Inspirations and epiphanies came from numerous people and places, sometimes those least expected. Milan Kundera inspired me to look for the accidental beauty in life. Ah Tan taught me the contentment that comes with jian dan de xing fu (simple happiness) and the courage to pursue love. Tommy Oshima showed me the power of preserving a moment and let it echo for eternity. Strangers wrote in to tell me how certain photographs of mine or my pieces of writings touched their lives.

Looking through the archives, I find myself relieving a myriad of moments. Some made me cringe, some made me cry all over again, some made me ponder even more but mostly, they made me smile, grin or guffaw in laughter. For the almost 250-odd posts, there are possibly a thousand more not put in writing. Thus, for all these and for more that is to come, I am brimming over with gratitude. Tomorrow as I blow out the candles to my twenty-seventh year, I only have one wish.

To be useful.


8 Responses to “la vie boheme”

  1. Your wish has oredi been answered even before you made it.

    Blessed birthday.

  2. hey happy happy birthday!

    1) amazing how the world is so small, that we never knew each other in school, but become acquaintances later on due to mutual friends (or more like, a mutual club!)

    2) u share the same birthday as another friend of mine who’s also applying for chevening!

    hope u have a great day! and a great year ahead, to have an even greater year the next 🙂

  3. Hermosa sonrisa !!

  4. a chinese guy in colchester: *grin* terima kasih yeah!

    amy w.: Thanks for the wishes!

    juan carlos morgado: Heee 🙂

    zoe: Zoeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Tuk chang tuk chang! *hugz*

  5. happy belated birthday carina! Tukk tukk channngggg!
    xoxo Zoe

  6. happy belated have grown up sweetly and wonderfully.i am proud of you.
    ex bb teacher

  7. ex bb teacher: Eh, siapa ni? Hee… Hallo teacher! Thanks ‘cher 🙂 *beams*

  8. e=mc square

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