nine for three

In bits & pieces on October 8, 2006 by carinasuyin

Awesome surprise dinner of pizza, rojak, popiah, chocolate cake, lychee martini ice-cream, honey lemon juice, port and red wine with some of the most wonderful people on this part of the planet: Chammika, Dandan, Hema, Meng Teck, Mingshi, Ryan, Siew Leong and Yvonne. Birthdays are always extra fun when celebrated together in the company of great friends. Thanks y’all! *sniff*

nine for three
Top left image courtesy of Siew Leong:
Meng Teck (Sept 26), Chammika (Oct 13), and yours truly (Oct 12).


6 Responses to “nine for three”

  1. Al parecer la celebración estuvo muy buena !!

    Feliz Cumpleaños

  2. La celebración era excelente!!

    Gracias, Juan Carlos 🙂

  3. I just love the close up shots. Are those figurines your birthday presents as well?
    You’re lucky to be surrounded by caring friends celebrating your day.
    Hope you’re happy for the days to come. And keep those cool photos posted in this blog. ;-P
    Happy birthday!!!^_^

  4. Hallo Hyrza! Yup, they are 🙂 The figurines are the Beijing 2008 Olympics official mascots. Thanks a lot for your warm wishes 😀

  5. Happy Belated Birthday…!!
    how come my Birthday Calendar said ur BD is on the 14th ??
    no wonder both last year and this year i tak sempat wish u.

  6. Thanks, Kok Foong! Takpelah… go edit the calendar 🙂

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