the accidental peony

In love, stories on October 2, 2006 by carinasuyin

The peony flower or 牡丹花 mu dan hua, is a traditional Chinese symbol of love, feminine beauty, happiness, prosperity and affection. In full bloom with its vibrant colours, the beautiful fragrant flower is regarded as an omen of good fortune.

nostalgiaGirl meets boy. Boy moves into apartment block where girl lives. Boy borrows girl’s washing machine to do laundry. Girl helps boy to dry his clothes. Boy asks girl out to dinner. Girl is busy. Boy has lots of laundry. Boy buys girl lunch *ding!*. Girl and boy have more dinners together. *triple dings!*

Washing machine is happy.
Girl’s best friend is delighted silly.

It is believed that placing a painting of the Chinese peony in one’s marriage sector will ensure good Feng Shui in finding a faithful and loving partner. In lieu of the peony painting, one can also place a washing machine.

I love beautiful beginnings… *grin*


7 Responses to “the accidental peony”

  1. Kinda cryptic post. How is said girl related to the author? Is it inferable that girl and author are the same person or is the author the best friend? Is the girl now promoting washing machines to feng shui Masters? 🙂

  2. Ahnyeong haseyo! Cryptic?
    Anio… miane! It’ll suffice to know that one should not underestimate the power of a washing machine or doing laundry, when it comes to finding love 😛 Muahahahha…

  3. you didn’t answer Soothsayer’s questions.
    i’ll be more direct…are you that girl…?

  4. Wah, so serious!
    No, me da best friend lah. My washing machine not so berjasa 😛

  5. Happy beginnings?

    Happy endings are lovelier 😛

  6. hmmm.. i wouldn’t be happy if it ended!!!


  7. Endless love? :)–>

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