mopper beatified

In stories on September 4, 2006 by carinasuyin

I like mopping the floors. I love how my arms ache as I squeeze the mop dry on the final round while I’m completely drenched wet in sweat. I usually mop in three rounds: twice with soapy water and a final one with just normal water. Whenever it’s my turn to do the house chores, I like to mop in the late afternoon on a weekend when no one else is at home, or at night when everyone has gone to sleep.

When I’m alone at home, I’d mop while listening to music on my iPod mini. There’s something about stopping in front of the mirror with the mop stick in hand and miming a duet with David Tao or Gary Lightbody that cracks me up. In a case of syok sendiri, it’s so self-gratifying that floor areas in front of mirrors in the apartment are usually spotless. On hot humid days, I’d sing out loud and bring the rain for a pleasant night.

Sometimes I find mopping cathartic. I reckon it is the best cure for anger and malicious thoughts, other than cleaning the toilet and swimming laps. Working all the anger into cleaning the floor usually leaves me totally spent. Best of all, after a long shower and finally collapsing into bed, I’d go to sleep with a grin and a peaceful mind.

Late-night mopping is usually done in silence as my mind distills the daily tumult of thoughts. Like some act of self-renewal, every floor tile mopped clean is one more space for a lovely thought or feeling. Aahh… mopping, my yoga for the soul.


11 Responses to “mopper beatified”

  1. Kronik betul! πŸ˜›

    Anyway, my room needs cleaning and mopping. When you free ah? Muahahahaa…..

  2. I knew it!!! Had a nagging thought that this would be one of the comments (if any) haha…

  3. you must be imagining yourself to be Chin-deralela while mopping. =P
    my room also needs mopping…hehe

  4. Wow, didn’t know you love mopping that much. I on the other hand would prefer to clean the stove. Turning a greasy stove top in to a white, sparkly one. Now I know why Kav always chooses to clean the stove.

  5. kf.: Nolah… this isn’t a fairtytale πŸ™‚ and mopping your room might constitute kes penderaan hehe…

    digiwon: Hee… remember someone’s falsafah about house chores=eating=tiring? I think that more or less explains everything lah πŸ˜›

  6. oh man!!!!! u dun know me but i just have to leave a comment after reading this post!

    i thought i’m the only one who felt that way about mopping!!!!!

    i used to love mopping back home – and me mom would happily let me do it. altho, unlike u, i only do it 2 rounds – the first wet soapy one and the dry run aftr that. yes, i do it when everyone is fast asleep!

    now, i’m in the UK doing me studies but am working part time at the campus cafe. me work mates used to laugh at me at how i’ll always “fight” to do the mopping at closing time!!!!

    nice to know i’m not the only weird one in this world! LOL!

    keep on mopping… and know that u r not alone!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. a chinese guy in colchester: Yeah! *high-fives and grins like a silly goat*

  8. yAfter watching one too many Shaolin kungfu movies as a kid, I always tried to mop with some “kungfu” style. Can’t say that it was the cleanest though but it was always fun. πŸ™‚

  9. the soothsayer: Wahhh kungfu-style! *Tabik*

  10. the sight of a chic living right across my apartnemt, some hot chic with a super hot body wearing a tank top so low cut that it reveals a slightly more than right amount of cleavage as she bends over to squeeze those water out of the mop and sweating all over, her chest heaving up and down cos shewas tired from the 3rd round of mopping just makes me wanna….


    *wakes up*

    chech….. it’s only Karenah Ong Su Yin.

    *potong Stim*

  11. no cicaks were hurt this time around? :P–>

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