thursday night live

In conversations, kindred on August 25, 2006 by carinasuyin

“Then when you dah balik and she is back as well, you can send her flowers to thank her. Girls like flowers one, especially unexpected deliveries macam tu.
“Hmm… brilliant, I say!”
“Of course!” *Peals of laughter*
“Now if only I can find out her birthday.”
“In your note with the flowers or SMS after she’s supposed to get it, just say that since you couldn’t belanja kopi in return for her kindness, flowers will have to do for now. Next time you’re there, your kopi offer is still good you hope, and if she ever comes to your place, you know some nice cafe.”
“Oh goodness you are dangerous, su yin ong. Lucky you’re not a guy.”
“Yeah, if I’m born a guy, I’d be a casanova?”
*Guffaws* “You can go buaya guys, what!”
Cheh… knowing the techniques doesn’t mean I can abuse them.”
“Actually I think it’s because you are a girl, that’s why.”
“My first and utmost lesson was on what? SINCERITY. A smart girl can see through a casanova anytime one. If the guy has a good heart, a little extra charm doesn’t hurt. Seeeeeeeee… so flowers and kopi are good!”
“It’s as if life began today…”
Haiyohhhhhh dramanya!”


2 Responses to “thursday night live”

  1. What are your consultation fees like? 😉

  2. I think he can engage you as FULL TIME consultant 😉

    Flowers and coffee. Hmm…

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