bebola comel dari Korea

In bits & pieces on August 4, 2006 by carinasuyin

He is a brown ball of soft fur, scraggly whiskers and dopey eyes. Named after Lord Min (민정호) in Dae Jang Geum, my Korean beaver (whom Supra and me suspect looks more like an otter because of his tail) is ultra lovable. If you hug him tight, his stomach squeaks! When Min Zhenghao the Beaver meets Mr Magix the Raccoon in September, there might be mayhem in the house!

Hand puppet soft toys are really nice. Komawoyo, Meng Teck!


2 Responses to “bebola comel dari Korea”

  1. I think he is an otter! Just the other day his brother visited my room and I think he’s decided to stay permanently. Seems to be partial to fish and oysters and avoids big logs like the plague. That’s a good thing cause I sleep like a log. 😉

  2. Muahahahhaha :P–>

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