’twas a ball & lotsa yellow ones!

In melodies, stories on July 11, 2006 by carinasuyin

It was a superb weekend. Decided to watch the World Cup final in town afterall although nobody else wanted to leave the comfort of their own sofa and home tv. Didn’t have a jersey to wear so yours truly, the once-in-4-years punya football fan bersemangat-ly wore blue, white and red. Met up with Eyeris and Sam, caught France’s opening goal while having a quick bite at the food court nearby before we all ran across the road to catch the live telecast at the The Plaza, National Library. Yeah, a strange venue but great nonetheless! The Sony HD screen was pleasantly huge and most of the crowd gathered there were Azzurri supporters. Perhaps the atmosphere would have been more crackling if they were more France supporters around.

The sight of a lonely Les Bleus supporter wearing Zidane’s No.10 jersey walking around aimlessly during the second half ironically foretold the unfortunate event that eclipsed Italy’s win. Ohh the agony, even the skies opened up… Later, while walking towards the MRT in the rain, trying to imagine a convoy of Mat Rempits blaring their motorcycle horns as they speed down Bras Basah Road, shouting Itali, Itali, Itali menang!! brought a smile to my face. Oh, and that sad but really funny sight of a Brazil fan with the deflated horn in a videoclip of Italy’s triumph over Brazil in 1982. Phoooot…

Coldplay Twisted Logic Tour 2006 Singapore photo © Jimmy Liew

Rainy Monday morning blues then gave way to a spectacular evening! My first concert in a mosh pit and it was absolutely awesome! Siew Leong and I met up with a gleeful Eyeris, fresh and high from interviewing Coldplay and the pre-concert cocktail session haha… We started out being in the middle somewhere 20m from the stage, initially blocked by a pair of “English twin towers”, couples making out much to Michael’s amusement and a “puffball” who attended a concert via his camera LCD, but later ended up a mere 5 metres away from the band! Watching the band and Chris Martin on the piano and his amusing antics upclose were surreal!

As Chris Martin remarked, the mood of the Monday night concert was unbelievable! The crowd was electric! Ah Chan the concert veteran said Coldplay Live overtook RHCP’s as his personal favourite. Every song simply rocked but my favourite moments of the whole night have got to be the gold confetti-filled yellow balloon balls during Yellow, the rising anthems of Clocks and Politik and finally singing our hearts out to Fix You despite our voices being quite gone by then! Oooh… the euphoria! As the bus meandered its way back to the other side of the island, strains of Till Kingdom Come and Swallowed in the Sea accompanied the ride home and I gave silent thanks for being 165cm… tee hee!


4 Responses to “’twas a ball & lotsa yellow ones!”

  1. Fix You ignited our bones, but it failed to ignite the lightbulb! :D:D:D:D

    WHEE! writing my review now. 😀

  2. Some of my friends made the journey from KL to catch this one as well.

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t make it. Stranded in Korea. Catch you when I’m “home”.

  4. eyeris: Yeah I was so engrossed in the song, didn’t notice that happened till you pointed it out later 😛

    the soothsayer: Cool! It was certainly worth every km and every sen hehe 🙂

    mt: Takpelah, kita boleh pergi tengok konsert lain next time, okie? What stranded? Enjoy Korea!!

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