ACME smiles

In conversations on July 7, 2006 by carinasuyin

Always reluctant to delete them, I keep them for as long as possible either in the inbox or archive until the message memory fills up. Then these precious `tiramisu’ SMSes end up here and here:

`Eh karenah- I suddenly tot of you and how u looked in F6 uniform&your quirky ways-funny la you.and yea i miss you!at this hour when my eyes cant even open!WTF!’

`heehee, i was at de music cafe i brought u last time n de singers 2day sound like jacky cheung! They sang his song n wu ting (jay chou)! :-D’

`Hey su-Pohf…i’m the market…will catch up with you all soon…’

`The peach and cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Just can’t capture them with my camera. Sigh.’

`Tikus kampung sudah lepas ka Singpore. Pick her up sebelum dia sesat.’


2 Responses to “ACME smiles”

  1. I like the one about the tikus kampung. 🙂

  2. Muahahahahah, me too!! :P–>

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