pure simplicity

In bits & pieces on June 26, 2006 by carinasuyin

Wandered into an art gallery in town with Meng Teck the other day and found several paintings by a Vietnamese artist that completely took my breath away. The oil on canvas paintings depicted simple rural scenes, female portraitures and still life. There is something arrestingly soothing about each of the painting with its almost monochromatic palette, earthy peacefulness, bold strokes, and a quaint juxtaposition of textures.

One particular painting kept floating in my mind and I just had to reproduce it. My sketch of it barely resembles the original but is somewhat close in recollection. Hee… I need to go back to find out the artist’s name, the title of the painting and for the pleasure of seeing it again…

Note: Went back again in September but the painting’s already sold, hence its title will remain to elude me. The wonderful artist’s name however, is Nguyen Dieu Thuy and she hails from Ho Chi Minh city!


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  1. Let it be done 😉

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