tikam thoughts

In stories on May 23, 2006 by carinasuyin

Craving for nasi briyani ayam after awakening at 5.30 am with barely four hours of sleep is utterly not funny… especially not when you really feel like opening up the packet of Brahim’s kurma sauce and cooking ayam kurma for breakfast, complete with vegetables and rice. Oh no, Sugeoooooo!

It is amazing how lonely one can feel even if surrounded by friends.

On one hand, I really hope I nail that scholarship application. That’ll mean being in London by October this year, a dream of which I can’t even begin to describe how much it means to me. On the other hand, not getting it will result in a year’s deferment of my ICL admission, enabling me to be Lish punya chi mui with the rest of the gang at her wedding in December. I am glad the choice is not up to me to decide and yet somehow, how I wish it is.

This Sunday, by hook or by crook, I will attend morning mass.

June is going to be a horrible month of deadlines and also a wonderful month of visits from Atah, Mama, Supra, Lish and Pohf. It is also a month of weddings. May was one of marriage proposals. Hmmm… February does seem a little passé for love happenings, doesn’t it?

If I return to sleep now, I do not wish to dream of eating Muar otak-otak or stir-fried sweet potato leaves with lots of garlic. Ish… kronik betul


5 Responses to “tikam thoughts”

  1. Boy, you sure have lots of urgings for Malaysian food.

    I’ve already decided that on the next trip back, I’ll bring over lots of condiments, spices and herbs so that I can enjoy some Malaysian style dishes here.

    Ah, forget about Phd. Maybe if the Koreans like it, I’ll even open a restaurant over here. 😉

  2. Ahaha yeah… Whoa cool! First Malaysian restaurant in Daejeon?

  3. Yo,
    Don’t think too much or be sad/desperate/have butterflies in the stomach waiting to know if the big dream will be realised …

    Me too I had some big dreams I really badly wanted to achieve and I’ve been in this situation where I’ve had to make choices and wait and hope …

    I made the choice of turning away from my dream path. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it but I’ve accepted the idea of having to let go of a big dream.
    If its meant to be, it will happen.
    Enjoy +_+

  4. Thanks, Ryan-ji!

  5. First and the best! 😉

    But Koreans don’t really like oily food so I’m not sure how they’ll take to nasi lemak, hokkien char, char kuay teow etc.

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