a story, morning glory

In love, stories on May 11, 2006 by carinasuyin

I awoke this morning before the sun did on these parts and did a little jig of celebration. It doesn’t happen very often to someone like me. They say the condition of the womb dictates the survival traits of a newborn. Perhaps all those hours of waiting and finally gasping for my first mouthful of air in the wee hours of the morning made me nocturnal by nature. I was up late even before I came into the world. Hee… what a grand excuse. I was one week overdue too. Atah said I was supposed to share Mama’s birthday but perhaps obstinate little me wanted a birthday cake of my own. Stubbornness however, is a trait I do share with Mama.

My thoughts drift to those of you. I wonder if you are like me, which would mean you’d probably still be sound asleep and only due to awake in another two hours. Then again, if you’re working, you’d be awake soon; after several minutes of determined bargains with your alarm clock, that is, if you are like me. Maybe you are my complete opposite. That would make you more akin to Atah who has the most canggih circadian clock in the evolution of mankind. He can wake up whenever he wants to, just like that. His internal alarm clock is precise down to the minute. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass that marvelous gene down to me. I am still much unevolved or devolved in terms of circadian rhythms. Atah says that the ability can be trained, it is not inherited. I still reckon it’s a mutant gene.

Faces in a crowd, people that you meet or stories in your head, I wonder if you search for me. Mama sure hopes you do and she wishes that you’d look a bit harder. I burst out laughing when she said that one evening when we were watching tv. Lying on the carpet, I almost choked on my own saliva. But yes, I hope you’re searching for me too. If I were a princess in a fairytale, Mama and Atah would have launched a sayembara for you a long time ago. Alas and thank goodness, I am not. Maybe we will find each other when we have found ourselves. Whatever you do, please don’t give up.

Dawn is getting painted in a palette of blue, pink and yellow hues. Oh, and wee bit streaks of orange, like a last minute addition to a confused canvas. I am glad the mornings don’t get lighted by the flick of a switch… every awakening deserves a little indulgence.


4 Responses to “a story, morning glory”

  1. Wow this is very nice writing karbungle!
    You kena one of ma’s surprise evaluations again huh? Hehehehe…

  2. Sugeooooooooooo…. Danke! 🙂 Yeahlah… kena the last round gua balik hehe, you got any recently?

  3. Definitely a bad excuse for sleeping late. 😉

    I was overdue by a week as well and I’m always up early no matter what time I sleep. My explanation is that I’ve had enough rest in the womb and I’ve come out ready to take on the world.

    Isn’t it amazing how we can look at the same thing and come out with polar opposite explanations? 😉

  4. Yes, we can look at the same thing and yet you may look but not see 😛

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