assertion and dissertation

In conversations on May 8, 2006 by carinasuyin

“Resolving not to read another book till I’m done with my thesis is terribly difficult. It’s like making a promise you know you won’t keep. Four more unread books, four new worlds to get lost in… wait, is there a fifth?”
“No and anyway, National Geographic comes in the mailbox every month. Get lost in the real world.”
“That’s different lah. Besides, art borrows heavily from life. Science and the arts, they’re mutual inspirations, macam gambarajah Venn…”
“Hello, we are zooming way past the point here. Major terpesongness!”
“Alright, a compromise: I’ll read only when taking the MRT or on the bus. Uhm, what about rainy afternoons in a café?”
“What café? There’s no time to be sitting in a café, make it the library!”
“No, libraries are full of books. The temptation will only get worse.”
“Not if it’s the medical library, there are only brain-numbing periodicals and rows of rows of books that you won’t gravitate towards. Nothing interesting to get lost in, no gorgeous specimens of the opposite gender to distract you.”
“Speaking of which, there was one hensem fella who kept staring at me at that quaint jazz café the other day. I’d like to have my hat-themed farewell party there if I’m going this year. It’s so comfortably kooky!”
*Smack!* “He was probably staring at the hot Japanese keyboardist.”
“Oh okie, yeah… I know lah, I have a thesis to write! How exciting! I’m quivering at the very thought of it!! Sigh. My lack of self-discipline is pathetic.”
“Great, we actually concurred on something.”


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