small stuff angel

In stories on April 28, 2006 by carinasuyin

Someday when I die and somehow I’ve been good enough to end up in heaven, and if there is such a thing as the option of choosing to become an angel or to just enjoy heavenly life… I would want to become an angel. But not the grand type of angel that appears in visions, dreams and in tunnels of light and glory or those who perform great miracles for I’d probably screw up things with all my clumsiness. I would like to be the kind of angel in charge of the small stuff. To hug someone forlorn, to touch the tear-stained face of a person in grief, to blow a little breeze onto the face of someone dejected, to make a tiny feather land on the nose of someone heartbroken, to create a comedic moment that’ll get an angry person laughing, to make puddles of rainwater for children, pets and young-at-heart adults to splash in or flamingoes in the city to lepak in, to leave little signs for people who feel they are forgotten or abandoned, to bestow calm upon an anxious heart and sleep upon an insomniac mind, to make cats lie terbalik on the floor and ask you for a tickle… Okie, the last one is probably the most redundant and an unsanctioned angelic deed. Yup, small stuff punya angel. I think I’ll make a good one… if I get to be one that is.


3 Responses to “small stuff angel”

  1. meow

  2. *scratches hershey*

    I don’t believe in God or an eternal soul but since I was a kid, I’ve been telling my mum that I would like to be able to traverse the universe and learn everything there is to learn if I had a soul. The first time she looked aghast and said, “Choy!! Tai kut lai si!” After that, she just looked at me with resignation and wondered at my poor fate of wandering the universe for eternity, learning things.

  3. hershey: There’s a cat downstairs that rolled over and asked for a tickle when it saw me one morning, I’ve named it The Koochee Cat.

    the soothsayer: Haha… we can never learn enough, can we? the more you learn, the more you realise you know so little.

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