distillation by reflections

In kindred, love, poetry on April 17, 2006 by carinasuyin

Pucuk rebung biru diselubungi kabus.
Menara kembar berkerlipan disinar mentari.
Fajar di hatiku menyingsing.

As the bus sped on along the highway, I was lost in a moment of quiet happiness. The familiar landmarks, glimmering and ethereal, faded away as the distance between us grew so as to shrink again on another day. Wang Leehom’s Da cheng xiao ai plays on my Mini. Small love in a big city. How apt. I wonder how many people noticed the lovely clouds and the beautiful blue today. I saw a laughing dog and one that looked like a karipap. My left butt still aches from the bowling session on Saturday. I can’t bowl to save my life, only for comedic relief. Supra and me had a splendid date with Atah- bowling, sushi, window shopping, and many adorable dogs. I almost cried looking at the delicious spread that Mama and Atah whipped up yesterday: stir-fried pork strips with szechuan vegetables, Anion, Bodatoes & Carrot soup, stir-fried leek with crispy pork belly chunks and fried fish in tomato tauchu sauce- all my favourites! I wonder how was Sugeo’s night at the Wagner opera yesterday and how Vienna looks like from inside a cafe wafting with the smell of freshly baked pastries and brewed coffee. I think of the afternoon with Mama Guon discussing details of Lish’s Hen Night getaway, both wondering what happened to Evie-chai, the conference call with Pohf and the night visit from Lish. I really miss these women loads. toAdie and Fung Kit’s papers started today and I hope they both ace every paper and kick some great ass.

I stared out of the window into the blinding sunlight and whispered my gratitude. So many blessings to count, so much love… God made all these kindred spirits and they are my life. He must love me very much. How easy it is to forget that simple knowledge which needs no reasoning. One little moment and all of life comes into perspective…


4 Responses to “distillation by reflections”

  1. Our God is an awesome God.

  2. We are all His children… That’s even more awesome, no? 🙂

  3. awwww…

    remember, good cause creates good effect 😉

  4. hee yeah… it’s all in the niat 🙂

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