Childcraft geeks

In conversations, kindred on April 15, 2006 by carinasuyin

Jason Mraz‘s Mr A-Z album back cover art

“Hey, look!! Childcraft!! Comelnya…”
And the two lawak sisters squealed with delight. Supra noted that O.Lover’s in the wrong colour. “Yeah, Volume 9 is pink. Wait. Song For A Friend is wrongly coloured too because Volume 12 is a deeper shade of pink than Volume 9. Really? I think it looks correct. Wronglah… definitely not maroon. Did You Get My Message pun salah. Nolah, betul lah tu… World and Space is turquoise blue, remember? Yeah. Hey, Childraft don’t put their numbers at the bottom of the spine. Theirs are on top, above the picture part. Poems and Rhymes, Stories and Fables. What’s Volume 3? Children Everywhere. World and Space, About Animals, The Green Planet, no no… the The Green Kingdom, How Things Work, About Us. Holidays and Birthdays. What’s next ah? Places To Know. Yup. Make and Do, Look and Learn, Mathemagic, About Me and Guide for Parents. Plus the two supplementary ones: Feathered Friends and Myths and Legends! Hah! Kawaii neh… Yeah man, and they used the older cover design rather than the new ones. Hey, our Childcraft set is as old as Sugeo, you know? Yup, Mama’s not ever throwing them away. Yeah, no way. There are volumes of memories and inspirations in them. The coolest gift ever. Hee… so much of my life began in those pages.”

I think I’m beginning to understand why toAdie said that the two of us sound like demented sisters whenever we start rattling off and string sentences together as if there were no commas and full stops in a conversation.


3 Responses to “Childcraft geeks”

  1. coool, childcraft! hehe. I have a set at home too. I think I’ll do a post on that later too. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Childcraft rocks!!! Hee… awaiting your post with gleeful anticipation 🙂

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