antara idam dan rindu

In bits & pieces, food on April 12, 2006 by carinasuyin

Hokkien char. Black. Fragrant. Lots of crispy fatty lard cubes. Ramly burger ayam special. Meat patty that’s terbelah dua. Lots of pepper and Maggi seasoning. Wrapped in egg and mayo. Chinese tea with ice at any kopitiam and any mamak. Roti telur with kuah dhal. Nasi lemak. Simple. Fragrant. Tender beef rendang. Sambal kerang or sambal ikan bilis. No otah, no hash brown, not chap fan style. Karipap. Huge. Half a hard-boiled egg. Chicken chunks in yummy curry sauce. Klang seafood. Period. Bak kut teh. Herbal. Lots of assorted mushroom. Maggi goreng. Tak merah dan tak manis. Anything and everything that Mama and Atah cook!!

Be still my heart. It’s going to be an awesome weekend.


4 Responses to “antara idam dan rindu”

  1. Damn… I miss Hokkien Char. I think I need to strike lotto and open a restaurant over here with some good cooks from Malaysia. 🙂

    On the other hand, I’ve discovered jjajang ramen with tuna, pepper and sesame oil. Not great but smells and tastes good.

    I envy you. Have a good weekend!

  2. i’m possibly in love…

  3. evil u! how can u post something so delicious like this while CONSCIOULY knowing a friend in US is reading your blog!

    hmph. *starves*

  4. the soothsayer: Yeah man… thanks!

    anonymous: isn’t that possibly lovely? all the best…

    lotsachi: sorry woman! wasn’t intentional lah… come back soon and we go makan together-gether okie?

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