monday morning blues

In stories on April 10, 2006 by carinasuyin

The washing machine did a Merlion and vomited suds all over the kitchen floor. I can just hear Pohf going “Oh no… the evil thing is at it again!” Hee.. poor thing, probably just a case of indigestion. Now the floormats have to be washed for the second time in two separate loads. Great.

Random thoughts flood my mind as I wait for the first load to be done…

75% of the girls I know in Singapore are attached whereas 75% of the guys are single, available and searching (5% are all that plus desperate). My female:male friends ratio = 1:5. Ah Tan’s conclusion: I’m choosy. My idealistic wait for `mere jaan, mere kismet‘ is hopeless. Lovely.

When I was 16 or 17, I told Mama I wouldn’t mind being a nun if I’m called to the vocation and I’d consider it a special blessing. Mama went ballistic and mogok bisu with me for three days. Something about how she didn’t carry me in her womb for nine months and have a daughter for a firstborn only to have her end up as a nun. When Atah drove me to school on the second morning, I got reprimanded that such “sensitive” topics (including the one on not wishing to get married) were to be avoided in future conversations with Mama unless I find it funny to make her kik sim enough not to talk to me for days on end. So based on history, I think Mama would really flip if I ever mentioned that I sometimes suspect I may be gay.

Radio stations that play mushy love songs in the wee hours of the morning are more evil than a washing machine that sounds like a herd of charging rhinos when it spins and plays hide and seek with one’s student card and housemate’s undergarments.

Oh well, the evil thing with a fetish for Kavita’s knickers has finished round one. Yeay!


2 Responses to “monday morning blues”

  1. hahahaha. well, r u gay? mana tau, mayb now u feel like it 😛 hehehehehe…

  2. Entahlah… someday everything will be illuminated haha 🙂

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