Ah Tan the Seer

In conversations on April 6, 2006 by carinasuyin

I was walking with Ah Tan back from lunch when I caught sight of him, walking towards us. I was instantly snapped out of the post-lunch-hot-afternoon stupor and smiled like a silly twit. Without stopping, I mustered a casual but idiotic “Going for lunch?” while beaming like a star on the verge of going supernova. He smiled, answered to the affirmative, grinned and continued on his way. The cosmic moment passed and I descended back onto planet Earth and turned around to see Ah Tan walking far behind. Caught up with her and promptly said “Ah Tan, wanna know a secret? But you can’t tell Ah Chan, okie? That guy just now… I think I had a major crush on him.”

“I know. During the conference, right?” came the selamba answer.

I froze and exploded into smithereens except that there wasn’t a black hole where I had collapsed. After a short period of staring speechlessly at Ah Tan’s highly-amused-but-trying-hard-not-to-laugh look, all my molecular bits reassembled and I asked her how she knew.

“I just know lah… can see what.”
“See? Arrrghhh it was that obvious? Where got? Ah Tannnnn!”
“Not obvious, but I can see lah. Ah Su, I know you well enough…”
“Yeah lah, but how and what? If you noticed, means he does too!! I can so die now.”
“There are some things that I can see that others can’t.”
“You see dead people? Okie, okie just kidding. What you see? Tell me lah, please?”
“No big deal lah. I just know… will you just relax?”
“Cannot… how in the world? Wait, did I say his name aloud in my sleep and you heard? I never mentioned before what… didn’t even do anything. I… it’s just that the sight of him somehow makes me happy and you know, I never thought there was going to be anything lah… I don’t even know whether he’s available or not. Little things lah… light up my day, you know… and that’s about it. Arrghh, This is so malu-fying. I can keel over and gloriously die now for you to see. ”
“No need to die one. Chill lah… you know he is single what.”
“I do? He is single? How you know? Wait, single means not married only what!”

At that point of conversation, Ah Tan looked like it was her turn to go supernova. Hee…


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