In photography on April 5, 2006 by carinasuyin

Recently, two of my Barcelona shots and one on Naples got shortlisted for inclusion in upcoming Schmap Guides of the said cities. Am not sure if my photos will be selected eventually but the shortlisting had me utterly delighted simply because Flickr is huge i.e. to be noticed is already awesome enough! There’s a lively discussion going on in FlickrCentral on the topic of Schmap using Creative Commons-licensed photos in their online guides. Well, I think Schmap’s a great tool and I’ll be glad for the exposure if my photos get selected. I find it amazing that you’ll never know just who might turn up on your Flickr page or where your photos turn up at!

venice48 in Cycling Feast

open your heart in ♥ HEART Magazine ♥ This photo won LensaMalaysia‘s first monthly assignment with the theme: Rust

paperkoifishies in GoldFish Queen Supra is pleased as Punch!

enlightened roots in Sacred Destinations: Thailand


2 Responses to “sightings”

  1. i always know that one day you will become famous !! autograph please, pretty please…;)

  2. haha siao, I’ll autograph in your wedding guestbook dey…

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