supernova sundae

In poetry on March 12, 2006 by carinasuyin

strung on a string so tight, anything snaps. love is watching someone die. where has thy spirit gone? a gypsy in another life. detour of torture in an overture. japanese bamboo and weeping willows. heard the laughter but blind to the tears. mei yi ci he ni fen kai, shen shen de bei ni da bai. congratulating a stranger. unspot me mind. patron saint of talking too much. solace in an imagined embrace. closing the wooden gate. cold breeze after a shower. shadows on the tiles. pork ribs with szechuan vegetable soup. song that speaks a thousand minds. still a little bit of your ghost, your witness. born of stardust. rekindle the will to live. phoenix rising from the ashes. childcraft. mathemagic. maple syrup in a bucket of snow with doughnuts. moon that ripens the barley. why can’t He speak for Himself? kyrie eleison. off-kilter. beauty you can understand but cannot explain. stealing kisses. gula melaka coffee. sanctuary.


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