zephyr of hope

In bits & pieces, poetry on February 28, 2006 by carinasuyin

when the wind blows
the heart is caught up in rapture
seraph wings come to mind
and the spirit takes flight

Walking with the longing for the next gust of wind to sweep you off your feet is a weird feeling. Sometimes you feel as if the moment you stop for longer than you should, tendrils will come up from below and wrap you up so tight, your legs become roots and you get stuck. Most of the time, you walk with anticipation and much silly hope that you just might take off at the next flurry. You wait and hope for that moment to take place but you still walk on… and the wind continues to tease.


2 Responses to “zephyr of hope”

  1. 让… 风继续吹  


    Your entry reminds me of this song from Leslie Cheung 😉

  2. heee… was gonna shout aiyahhh 我不会读 ah!! thanks for the translation 🙂

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