In kindred on February 26, 2006 by carinasuyin

Just barely an hour after sending Supra off and the emptiness had already set in. Each walking step heavy and hesitant, feeling spaced out in a crowd or being caught in a miniature tempest of falling leaves. I know I ought not to be so drama about everything but I love my siblings to bits. Time freezes momentarily while my heart resets itself into a mundane rhythm and good times replay in slow-motion as I refuse to relinquish the goodbyes. T’was the same with Sugeo when we last parted at Roma Termini. Plane, bus or train, I’d be holding back pools of saline.

Siblings grow up real fast, like babies. Get a little too occupied with your own life and before you know it, they’re all grown up and busy with their own lives too. There will always be only that many hours in a day and that many days in a year… and boy, how the years doth fly. Nevertheless, there will never be a phone call too long, a night too late to have a chat, an e-mail too many or a distance too far to be close to each other; as long as blood flows in our veins…



3 Responses to “precious”

  1. Reluctantly, we let go of our grips on things we hold so dear to our hearts when the inevitable comes to pass, not realising that with the closing of every heart-moving encounter, we will soon be showered with the beginning of many memorable tales in our destiny.

    My eyes are green with envy because I didn’t have a brother to grow up with 😛

  2. salwater wells in my eyes

  3. meng teck: *sniff*

    alba: that’s a lovely line from that nice song… Julian Lennon rite?

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