the funny proposal

In conversations on January 26, 2006 by carinasuyin

We’ve been dear friends since the days of Baden-Powell, campfires and hiking trips. We used to have long boil-porridge telephone conversations with his mom and mine nagging in the background. We’d chat about our schools, cars, friends, BGR and relished comparing the smarts of our respective siblings, our exam scores and 1119 tuition essay remarks. It was during one of those regular chats on the phone after school that the topic first came about. I think we were discussing about our ideal life partners or something close.

Mervin: Hey, hey let’s make a bet, an agreement!
Me: What’s that?
Mervin: If someday when we are both old, say 40 years old lah huh… and we can’t find anyone…
Me: Uh huh…
Mervin: Let’s get married. You and I.
Me: Whhhhhhhattt?
Mervin: Yeah, why not right? We get along damn fine. We are good friends. Rather than be lonely for the rest of our lives, we can complement each other well and make a great partnership.
Me: … *cricket calls and bullfrog mating sounds*
Mervin: So, on or not? Don’t you think it’s a great idea?
Me: SIAO!! How can u bet on something like that? Anyway, 40!! So old lah wei!!
Mervin: Ok, 35 then? Just nice.
Me: *explodes in a cackle of laughter* That’s just utterly sampat!

That’s as much as I can remember. Ahh… 17-years old and we thought being lonely at 35 sounded like a death sentence. Almost ten years on today, I burst out laughing when the subject was brought up again and I had to remind him that this is the second time he’s proposing such an agreement. We were talking about ending up in the UK this year- me to study, him to work, both chasing our respective dreams. “Now or never” is our mantra. He suddenly suggested the idea of getting married to each other over there so that he can get a work permit, and he’ll help me cover part of my tuition fees if I make the admission without the full scholarship- an ideal win-win situation, sort of.

Well, except that he has a girlfriend, she’s in UK too and I’m Catholic. Catholics don’t get married on paper or for any other reason than a lifelong commitment et cetera et cetera et cetera… besides, I want to marry for love and only once if possible. Heh… He then told me to get married earlier because him being unmarried at 35 sounds pretty much the norm. I grinned and told him that this year and the next have more pressing matters awaiting us than my marriage and with that, we both laughed and got back to work.


5 Responses to “the funny proposal”

  1. Had a bet like this once. Haha. In the naive years of being 18, agreed that once we hit 30, and we are single, we will marry. Well now I am 30. Time just flies by you.

  2. monica & chandler had that bet in Friends. i had one similar too, except that he’s muslim. said if i wasn’t married by 40, he’d marry me as his 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife… X_x

  3. chengpuay: yeah, how time doth flies my friend 🙂

    midnite lily: aieeeee… i do hope life does not imitate art in this case! 😛

  4. haha i have a similar arrangement…except the deal was to get married at 27.

    (my girfriend might have something to say about that though).

    i have precious little time to spend all my money on toys before someone knocks on my door and expects me to keep up my end of some kinda deal..

    -mr spanky-

  5. mr spanky: all the best to you 🙂

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