go figure

In bits & pieces on January 13, 2006 by carinasuyin

The thing about being a person who’s mostly happy-go-lucky is that the world in general (except that special group of people that you call kindred and beloved ones) sees you less of a human. They perceive you as a bubbling box of sunshine with no rights to days of gloom. When you’re in the doldrums, you’re expected to cheer up at a change of a song or when the wind next changes its direction. Gosh, even TV characters are expected to have depth i.e. not a 1D caricature. People on TV may serve to make you laugh and have a great time but hey, if you can switch channels or turn off the set when you don’t like what you see, why can’t you just let me be?

I am nobody’s kai xin guo, tickle-me-Elmo, court jester or daily Bizarro.
What’s that about which me that you prefer again?
Damn. That is just so salah.
Go find yourself a kawaii standee somewhere and be merry.


2 Responses to “go figure”

  1. Do you hate him? I sense a little…

    Do you like him? I sense a little…

    Does this conclude anything? Hope everything turns out good.

  2. Anonymous comments always seem to be a treasure trove of interesting if not irrelevant points 😛 Thanks for the thought though… 🙂

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