sunshine request

In bits & pieces on November 24, 2005 by carinasuyin

rain 018It rained all day long on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. During the day, the lab was like a giant four degrees coldroom and the nights were so cold that the home floor tiles felt refrigerated. As much as I love rain, this week has been a rainy overkill. Monsoon or not, we need sunshine Care Bear haha…

Today, the sun finally burst through bright and strong, albeit the skies were still draped in drabby shades of grey. Here’s hoping for a sun-soaked Friday with lovely blue skies, such as this!


5 Responses to “sunshine request”

  1. Hey this picture has potential!

    There is a competition going on organised by NUSPS. “Colour and constrast”. Check out their details, work on this picture again and submit +_+
    All the best

  2. Hmmm… been raining here in Penang too. for todays straight. Today the sun shine so bright that looking at the island from inside the ferry was like looking at a beautiful reflection of a mirror….

    “Penang ni cantik jugak rupanya,” kataku di dalam hati seraya mengukir senyuman yang tipis.

  3. ticopi: Thanks! Will check out the competition +_-

    artisticklytouch: diriku tersenyum sama membayangkan pemerian yang kau berikan 🙂

  4. hope you’ll get beautiful days with clear blue skies and lots of sunshine soon 🙂

  5. wonders and beauty of nature can be found ANYWHERE. 🙂 ahh…semuanya cahaya punya pasal 😉 lights and colors (no light no color)

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