silly nocturnal thoughts

In bits & pieces on November 10, 2005 by carinasuyin

Sometimes I wish my mind had an ON and OFF switch.
If it did, and I turned if off, how would I turn it back on again?
Perhaps a switch with a timer would be good.


6 Responses to “silly nocturnal thoughts”

  1. Mine will definitely turn itself off, especially at 3.43am.

  2. Hey can you imagine, some creatures only switch off half of the brain at a time!
    The other half is still alert and with one eye still open just in case …
    Isn’t it a bit evolutionarily silly to have evolved sleep (about one third of our life! much more and much less for some other animals) during which we are extremely vulnerable to predators?!

  3. still having trouble sleeping huh. i’m not faring any better recently either.

  4. anonymous: Lucky you 🙂 Ahh… but only to switch itself on again at 5am plus?? Let’s hope not…

    ticopi: to sleep with half a brain alert and one eye open, aiieee… i wouldn’t call that true sleep- just suspended animation 😛

    tim: yeah… my circadian rhythm has probably gone bonkers!

  5. that IS a rather intriguing thought actually.

    To be able to switch off all conciousness and thought, and not do anything for a few hours. AND a timer to switch it back on when we want it to.

    Oh wait. don’t they call that SLEEPING? 😛

  6. eyeris: Hee… yeah, when you can program your settings at will or your default program’s not screwed 🙂

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