kerana rindu

In photography, wanderlust on October 24, 2005 by carinasuyin

magnetic miniature masks


shen dian xia spectacles

homes by the river

kacang rebus uncle

coconuts for good luck

morning shadows

open your heart

ah tan and ah chan

with wings of clouds


10 Responses to “kerana rindu”

  1. beautiful shots. especially of the miniature masks (good lighting) and homes by the river (nice reflection)

    had a good weekend at melaka? 🙂

  2. Heyo thanks a lot, Tim! Had a really good weekend; the scrumptious food and festive DeepaRaya mood had us singing
    balik kampung, oh oh ohh
    balik kampung…balik kampung…
    hati girang!

    everytime we were in the car!

  3. oh wow… never thought m’ca can look so nice. u’re really a genius with the camera lar… so kagum. u made the dirty, muddy and smelly m’ca river look like some romantic riverside spot we always see in calendars!

  4. Nice shots Carina. I like the miniature mask .. really interesting and nice !

    I miss Melaka … all the good food there. Sigh ….

  5. me at awe.

  6. sue: the genius was using her brand new tripod!.. getting beautiful night shots is no longer a major challenge :p

  7. you made me kagum… you made sue rindukan melaka… hhmmmm, you’re one of a kind.

  8. To Sue, Kit & lotsachi: Melaka yang senantiasa mengkagumkan, I just captured some moments from a weekend, that’s all… 🙂

    To Alan: Thanks! My favourite: ikan bakar at Pernu-Umbai, oh-so-fresh-n-yummy!

    To Sue: Malacca is your kampung?

  9. yep, saya anak melaka! :Þ

  10. great photos

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