geckos, margaritas and tea

In bits & pieces on October 16, 2005 by carinasuyin


Postulation #1510: It is very important to distinguish a gecko apart from a lizard, and totally unimportant to know the difference between Earl Grey and green tea.


7 Responses to “geckos, margaritas and tea”

  1. erm… so how DO u tell a gecko and a lizard apart?


  2. Hmm… being (anal) specific here. ALL are lizards but geckos are a family in the lizard order with their distinct characteristics.
    Info on Geckonidae
    Info on liazrd taxonomy

  3. hi Sue, thanks for asking! `twas a brief taxonomy discussion before everyone got inebriated 😛

    and the Iguana is the largest lizard of all (not counting extinct ones) tee hee… thanks ‘cher for the explanation!

  4. oh yeah hor! forgot that lizards are a family of its own. anyway, hate them cold-blooded creatures, esp the house cicak yang tak tau malu…

  5. erm.. why is the former important but not the latter?

  6. to tim: the former is an indicator of your level of intoxication and the latter is an insignificant observation of detoxification 😀

  7. hahahaha! u’re so drunk…

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