empath: the gathering

In photography, wanderlust on October 11, 2005 by carinasuyin

sea hibiscus
blush and bloom

dr wong
pohf gets a reprieve from neraka general

the doc turns model for a day

evie connected

candy braids
fruity tassels

pineapple candles

stairway to heaven
stairway to heaven

kek lok si
beaming with cheers

lil brown packages
your body odour? It’s belacan 😛

E&O ii
in search of Oliver


6 Responses to “empath: the gathering”

  1. Wah I see your photography skills have had yet another growth spurt. Are you sure you haven’t been reading up on composition??

  2. i strongly agree with ur brother.
    you are on your way to your dream job, photographer for NatGeo.

  3. yep I also went WOW when I saw the series!

    Nicely done

  4. to suge: really? 🙂 Yeah, the last book i scanned through was yours… haven’t been to Kinokuniya since!

    to kf.: to carry his/her equipment would be dreamy enough 😛

    to ticopi: Merci! Am pleased that sifu likes them too…

  5. very nice composition….i likey 😛

  6. Thanks a lot, senbai!

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