grant’s challenge

In bits & pieces on October 5, 2005 by carinasuyin

Seven more days of being 25 years old before greeting the next 25.

Grant, you would be glad to know that I’m still an idealist. I am never ever going to get jaded. I will define and find my own happiness. I will not forget my dreams. Some of the ones that I told you I wanted to achieve before I’m done being 25 had already come true. There are many more to pursue… Before you laugh and mutter `Oh yeah, now I remember… the eternal optimist!’, I’d like to thank you for the sombre challenge made to a starry-eyed 17-year old over mugs of steaming coffee one ordinary morning in 1996… it is still making a difference.

*Image credit: Ryan


3 Responses to “grant’s challenge”

  1. Can I post one of my edited version of this photo here?

    Pleeease +_+

  2. Okie, done 🙂 Merci beaucoup!

  3. Your welcome!
    Hey you should not credit the image to me! I’m only the image editor #_#–>

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