roast duck

In conversations, food on September 3, 2005 by carinasuyin

Phone conversation, en route to the roast duck stall…
Yvonne: Hallo?
Me: Hallo Ah Tan, eh how do you say `a quarter of a duck’ in Mandarin?
Yvonne: Si fen zi yi de yak
Me: Si what?
Yvonne: Si fenhaiyah, the uncle can speak English one lah
Me: Oh okie then!

At the stall in a coffeeshop…
Roast duck Uncle: Hallo xiao jie, yao se mo ah?
Me: Hallo Uncle…uhm, quarter of a duck, ta pow please.
Roast duck Uncle: Kuala of aa luck?
Me: Huh? Quarter of a duck…
Roast duck Uncle: OK, wan kuala of aa luck. Abba putt OK?
Me: Huh???
Roast duck Uncle: Abba putt… OK? *points to upper portion of a hanging whole roast duck*
Me: Tee hee… ah okie!

Back at home…
Me: Ahhh Tannn! I bought the kuala of aa luck liao!
Yvonne: What??!!
Me: Kuala of aa luck!! Abba putt!! *earnestly waving a take-away packet of roast duck*
Yvonne: ???!!!

Five minutes later…
Yvonne: *peals of laughter* Kuala of aa luck! KUALA OF AA LUCK! Abba putt! *tries to stifle more giggles*


5 Responses to “roast duck”

  1. huh?! what does that mean? did you actually get a quarter of the duck? so, the uncle spoke with a heavy slang, izzit.

  2. i bought a quarter-sized portion of roast duck from the uncle who spoke English with a lil’ bit of pelat Delicious duck, funny conversation 😛

  3. oh…then what’s ‘abba putt’?

  4. upper part, tee hee…

  5. ooo…hahaha!–>

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