unfinished writings

In bits & pieces on August 5, 2005 by carinasuyin

There are a few projects that I have yet to finish, some of which are writings. These two are on top of the list. I need to get the juices flowing least I turn into a zombie from such sleepless nights and sun-starved days…

summer RoP:E – my 2004 Europe backpacking adventure with toAdie and Sugeo, based on my journal entries and photos; the stories will be presented as a series of conversations with pigeons… vignettes open with `Dear Pigeon,’, `Beste duif,’,`Paloma querida,’,`Cher pigeon,’ `Liebe Taube,’ and `Piccione caro’ respectively.

mama’s memoirs tentatively titled `Stories for my father’ – Mama has already drafted her chapters and completed several… i need to find time to edit them and encourage her to finish the rest when she’s feeling better; am thinking of putting her stories up on its own blog. Mama told Wei Chun that it does not matter if the stories never get published, she would be contented as long as her grandchildren may read them some day…


5 Responses to “unfinished writings”

  1. you writing a book, or just for the blog? 🙂

  2. just for me blog… no serious attempts to be a writer, yet 🙂

  3. its gonna be awesome i am sure.

    but keep it short yah. long entries suck ass.

    hehe look who’s talking.

  4. Hey looking forward to your stories!

  5. i can’t wait for them to be done too. it’ll be awesome…to look at the world from your POV, and your mum’s. 🙂


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