feathered friends

In poetry on June 22, 2005 by carinasuyin

A sea tern.
An egret.
A sea gull.
A pelican.
Bobbing from my ceiling,
greeting, playing and chasing;
Grey, blue, yellow and orange suffused,
sunrise and sunset;
My own little wayang kulit,
my Jim Henson wannabe dreams.


3 Responses to “feathered friends”

  1. *ping* I found ya!

    I missed ya!

    I’m going to link ya!

    *hope you remembered me *

  2. halllooo!! missed you too… aiyah, who can forget you? 🙂 Been reading your blog for sometime… good stuff, indeed!

  3. W-T-F?

    minishorts: tell me you didn’t find ka-re-nah-su-yin from MY blog and i’ll tell you i have a 12 inch kukuciao.

    Here’s how you can show some appreciation: Write something on your blog about ME being the sweetest Malaysian boy with the Hugest penis in the States and i am single and available whenever the need arises.

    Terima kasih kamu banyak-banyak.

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