Saturday with Supra

In conversations, kindred on June 12, 2005 by carinasuyin

9.30am: “You two sure ah, you don’t wanna go with us?”
10+am: “Byeeee ma…” Zzz…
10.30am: “Whoooaaaa, bangun! Bangun! We’re gonna miss Madagascar liao!”
11.30am: “Let’s go! You sure mommy’s car is not gonna die on us?”
12.30pm: “After queueing up to go into the Vatican Museums, this is nothing man…”
1+pm: Triple Play and Grapeade at Chilli’s
2pm: The Interpreter
4+pm: Body Glove, Nici stall, MPH, Pet’s Wonderland, San Francisco Coffee
6.45pm: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
9+pm: Jusco, Body Shop, Jusco
10.30pm: Hokkien char, teh peng, iced chinese tea, grilled stingray
11.30pm: “Yes, Atah, we are both back home already. All doors locked, good night!”
12midnight: Queer Eye for A Straight Guy, Ah Cheh & Supra’s Home Midnight Makeover
12.30am: “Check out the amount of dust on the tv cabinet itself!”
1am: “Aiee… step on the mop again, you went there and i belum mop there yet.”
1+am: “I’m gonna vacuum this in minutes before the whole neighbourhood wakes up!”
2am: “Arrrghhh…! I just broke the glass bauble that Sing Rui gave us!”
2.30am: “Hey, thanks for wrapping my books, dude!”
3am: “Siao man… I think Atah and Ma are gonna be mighty pleased.”
3.30am: “Dude, what if Atah and Ma are really moving back to Muar?”
4am: “Meow… so how, can find Shiba Inu in Malaysia ah?”
4+am: Zzzz…


2 Responses to “Saturday with Supra”

  1. *goodnight kiss*

  2. *spank butt*

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