`twas not so long ago…

In recollections on January 7, 2005 by carinasuyin

A cherished piece that resurfaced amidst my search for some old writings. Fung Kit drew this and stuck it to the back of my upper six year book. He got into trouble with Mrs. Kua for it as well as for the one he drew for Pohf; a long story that was but we both loved the drawings. Hee… Just looking at it brought back an avalanche of memories and made me grin like a silly goat! Leafing through the pages had me howling with laughter, occasionally gasping for air, giggling incessantly and more often than not, feeling sebak. Most importantly I guess, I was reminded of kindred spirits, forgotten dreams and waylaid ambitions...

`Maybe if we each simply strived to be a better person, we’d see the world in a different light…’ He said he will remember that…


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  1. exactly!

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