chan rakh khun

In wanderlust on December 23, 2004 by carinasuyin

I am officially enamoured with Thailand… sigh. Now do I understand the enchantment of the Thai smile and warmth that has stolen many hearts, including mine. There is just something about the people and the land of this beautiful kingdom that embraces you and leaves you humbled. I love the simplicity of the wai gesture, the gentleness in the eyes of the men and women, the melodious sound of the Thai language, the black and white uniforms of the university undergraduates, and the rickety old trains where the wind restyles your hair better than Gatsby!

Ayutthaya was pure magic and mystic despite the traffic and modern antenna towers that surround the ancient ruins. I remember the breathtaking moments of watching the sun set from atop Wat Ratchaburana, the story of Suryothai told as night falls in the form of a dance drama with Wat Maha That as its grandious backdrop, and following the cheeky and adorable school kids around Wat Phra Si Sanphet. In Bangkok, I loved losing my way around the grounds of Chulalongkorn University, the night hawker stalls selling ever sweet fruits, pancakes, cheeken bums (sic), fishballs and super-soft bread with kaya (the mere recollection gets me drooling!), being mistaken as Thai, Japanese or Korean, the hustle and bustle of Chatuchak market and the vivacity and tenacity of its young people….


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    cheers, MERVO

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