before the heavens cried

In stories on November 24, 2004 by carinasuyin

I walk the familiar path, enveloped in a kind of pensiveness. Thoughts and emotions dictate the pace of my steps; a quickened pace, a little skip, but mostly, one languid step at a time. I have traversed this way many a times before but unlike the previous walks, I am in no hurry to arrive.

The evening breeze plays with my hair, turning it into a disheveled mop. I let the wind tease as it pleases. It drapes a curtain over my eyes but I bother not. I know this path by heart. I can walk with my eyes closed and still, I will get there. Tell me your stories, what careless whispers do you bring today?

Auburn leaves with golden spots perform a frenzied little dance. Up and down, round and round. The hibiscus blooms droop from the weight of the fallen jewels. Tree branches rustle and brush in a cacophony devoid of symphony. Hide the beetles, go home butterflies, hurry up little snails…

The moments before the heavens cried, my heart cried first.

I looked out onto the grounds below. The street lamps cast a yellow dreamy glow on the steel bodies that lined the road. A cold breeze swept in through the open windows, caressing my weary body. Goosebumps dot my arms.

The nonchalant mien that I wore all day long has now been cast aside with the day’s laundry. I surrender and fight no more. I have to care. I concede for I yearn to know if this fuzzy feeling is but a delusional, transitional and irrational confusion.

Beautiful silvery and irresistibly ghost-like lines with spiral curves that hugs and twines around each object it embraces. That is what I imagined the wind would look like. I cannot see it yet I feel it with all undeniable conviction. With the force of a hurricane yet with the tenderness of spring’s shower, the soul feels the breath of life.

The distant clock tower chimed four times. At this ungodly hour, my heart does crazy cartwheels and serendipitous sommersaults.

The moments before the heavens cried, I found peaceful acquiescence.


One Response to “before the heavens cried”

  1. wow karenah ong- i am utterly impressed by the amount of cock you can come up with talking about WIND.

    kow tow kow tow

    its an awesome read. i can never write like that.

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