Missing: Me

In bits & pieces on August 25, 2004 by carinasuyin

“To be a human person means more than having a human genome, it means having a narrative identity of one’s own.”

Alex Mauron
Is the Genome the Secular Equivalent of the Soul?

Essays on Science and Society

I’m gonna be 25 soon and already I feel like I’m thinning… stretched to the edges and soon to disappear into oblivion. Just one little *poof*… Nope, I am not wearing any rings, much less a certain ring of power. So in the months leading up to my quarter-of-a-century birthday, I shall begin a series of posts that attempts to thread a collective narrative identity of my own. I am besieged with a longing desire, an urgent quest that began even before my one month sojourn in Europe – to find myself. It is fitting I guess, to begin with my name.


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