love gathers in clouds of nines

In love on August 12, 2004 by carinasuyin

If love was like water, it would rise from the dirtiest of brackish puddles in the lowliest of cities and from the depths of the saltiest mightiest oceans. And yet it is pure; pure as the water that trickles from the Evian-est of springs or the morning dew glistening in the soft embrace of chlorophyll-ed leaves. Love can be as abundant as lakes and rivers or as rare as an oasis in a desert or as deceiving as mirages. And yet love permeates every corner of this blue ball we call Earth. And we live not without it. 70% of our body is composed of love. We began our humble beginnings formed in an amniotic bag of liquid love, nurtured for nine months, love growing in love…

Love gathers in clouds of nines till it is heavy enough to fall…

How shall I fall for thee? Let me count the ways… Shall I fall like little snowflakes, perfect in design and white as innocence? Shall I fall quietly, gently and slowly or shall I fall like mad blizzards or crazy snow storms? Shall I fall like a concerto of summer’s rain, pitter-patter on the window sills, ting-a-ting-ting on zinc roofs and tip-tapping on terracotta tiles? Or shall I fall like hailstones – hard and merciless, knock you silly before you even know what hit you or what hit me? Shall I fall a little at a time like a fickle pregnant cloud of contractions waiting to deliver or shall I fall all at once, pouring down like a tropical monsoon?

And yet, it must be scary to fall, after all, falling down to Earth is quite a long distance, there is gravity with no bungee cord tied, no safety nets, no plushy cushy cumulonimbus clouds… But plunge little rain drops must, onto hallowed grounds and find their way back to love. Love begets love, does it not? Love sets into motion the possibility of other loves- little love, simple love, complicated love, once-upon-a-time-ago love, silly love, puppy love, unrequited love, dutiful and filial love, senseless love, grand love, forbidden love, unconditional love, lifelong love… Love that gives life to living things, love that ends droughts, love that floods and drowns, love that hurts, love that washes clean, love that catches you by surprise, love that changes with time, love that withstands change, love that softens metal, love that simmers and boils, love that tides and ebbs, love that crashes, love that insatiate thirst, love that sacrifices, love that inspires, love that builds and rebuilds, love that gives rise to civilizations, love that destroys empires, love that transcends time, love that heals, love that endures, love that rejuvenates the soul… love in all manifestations and for whatsoever reasons or no reason at all. It is just as it has always been… a never-ending cycle of love.

Love in its purest comprehension, is like water. Cup in your palms and it faithfully stays there. Squeeze it tight and it escapes between your fingers. Vanishes on a hot sunny day and returns again on another. Drink eight glasses a day and you will stay healthy. Reverse osmosis it, distill it, purify it too zealously and love loses all its flavour. Soak too long idly in it and you become a raisin or a prune. Don’t waste love or you’ll pay the price… Yes, love can come at a cost and yet the best love is free… love that is worth the wait.

Muse: “The world moves for love and kneels before it in awe.”
from M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Village


2 Responses to “love gathers in clouds of nines”

  1. Nice, just a bit too much use of cliche for my liking.

    The mistake made by men in the age of science is that science quantifies things. Many a soul tries to quantify love. Love simply cannot be quantified, but felt, wholeheartedly. Count, and it will be lost. Because modern world had made men too occupied with the numbers.


  2. so beautiful.

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