tsunamis and butterflies

In bits & pieces, wanderlust on June 9, 2004 by carinasuyin

So… here goes…

I think I’m done with the packing already. Then again, each time I looked at my backpack, I still feel as though there’s too much in it and something needs to be left behind. I wonder how are mama and atah. Do they worry about me going on this trip? Stupid question… Anyway, it’s finally coming true… Arrghhh… the butterflies, the tsunamis, the little tickly sensations… I’m like a robot experiencing a full range of human emotions. Sing…. for the first time… la la la la blah blah blah… what disastrous and nauseous feelings. I’m so tired and yet I feel like giggling. Amidst the many gleeful moments witnessed by only me, there have been times that I felt like throwing up.

Gosh, I have got to get a grip of myself… being too excited may not be a good thing… who knows… “Travel not to escape life but to not let life escape you.” Read that somewhere. Cool.

Spoke to Wei Chun just now. It’s so good to hear an old chum’s voice and share a couple of thoughts, albeit sampat ones! He’ll be off on his own adventure soon too… all the way to the land of raisins and Pamelas…haha…

My feelings right now… so real yet unreal. Sigh.


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