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Our little one is a traveller even before he’s arrived! We found out I was pregnant in November after coming back from a conference in Orlando, Florida; what I thought was jet lag turned out to be a positive pregnancy test. Then we went for a 10-day holiday to Kerala, India in December, back home to Petaling Jaya for Chinese New Year in January and just last weekend to one of our favourite cities – Bangkok. Lots of fresh seafood and plenty of walking!

So far, this little baby loves spicy food but not fast food and sweets – he’s got his daddy’s tastebuds. It has been an easy first trimester with just mild nausea and the occasional fatigue. It’s amazing how you start caring for this person growing within you so much that his welfare come before yours and your thoughts go automatically to him in your daily decisions…

Just a little embryo at seven weeks

Side profile looking like Charlie Brown 🙂



extraordinary alchemy

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“Take two human ingredients, distinct and separate, and put them together in the mixing bowl of a close relationship. Stir vigorously and apply heat – the heat of sexual desire, emotional need, conflict, intellectual exchange, the challenges of time and mundane circumstances, idealisation and inspiration – and through some extraordinary alchemy a new entity is created with its own life-force, its own intelligence and vision, and its own identity independent of and different from the two people who generated it.”
C G Jung

We made an invite card each for the wedding lunch and dinner. The card design was a word cloud of Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, created using Wordle.

I was really pleased with my bouquet of freesias, champagne roses & tea leaves; a little bundle of calm amidst the frenzy of the day’s activities. The florist also gave additional stalks of white freesias which Jean added to my hair at lunch.

Instead of a ring pillow, we tied our wedding bands onto a Muji faux-leather jacketed copy of The Art of Loving. The rings were made all the more precious and meaningful as they almost made Johannis habis in a dramatic moment during the church ceremony that the three of us will recall with much laughter long into the future.

Wedding Invitations: Design by John and Carina, with much thanks to Francisca for layout and Derrick for printing! / Bridal Posy: Secret Garden by Jaslyn / Wedding Bands: Timoku Titanium Rings by Edward Mirell / Photographer: Alwin Lim of Lightedpixels Photography

As the earlier gown didn’t work out, I was really relieved to find a lovely lace dress at the very last minute. No white/beige shoes or gold jewelry for me, I knew I had to have a pair of bright red shoes and a double-looped string of black pearls to go with my black and grey titanium ring.

Made a boutonniere for John with felt and buttons in lieu of the usual flower corsage. John was the envy of many male guests as he wore a very comfortable pair of sneakers with bright red soles and looked well slack with a loose skinny tie from 77th Street 🙂

The girls looked lovely in a sea of green, turquoise and blue dresses of their own.

Wedding Dress and Veil: Silhouette The Atelier / Carina’s Shoes: Aldo / Carina’s Accessories: Chomel / John’s Apparel: CYC The Custom Shop / John’s Sneakers: Adidas / Makeup and Hair: Jean Aw

With Mama and Atah in the London Cab en route to church.

We got Fr. Richards’ consent to play Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison (from The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road) and Across the Universe by The Beatles; a cover by Rufus Wainwright (US edition bonus track in 2002 album Poses), as our processional and recessional songs, respectively… wee! We also had the awesome guys and girls from The Graduate Singers as our choristers who sang a moving rendition of Eric Whitacre’s This Marriage.

Supra painstakingly assembled my buku tulis-inspired wedding mass booklets and we gave away little packets of raisins as wedding favours.

Lunch immediately after the wedding ceremony in the morning was a sumptuous one with family and relatives who came from near and far. It was awesome to see everyone enjoying the contemporary Chinese dishes. We had a good chuckle with the super long meal blessing by Fr. Kamil and speeches from John’s mom and Atah.

After a short rest in the afternoon, it was time for dinner! The long table setup and cosy ambience was a nice surprise for our guests as they mingled over canapés and drinks. We had set out to select a non-hotel venue and was really pleased when we found Chalk – many thanks to Lauren, Marcus and their excellent crew!

Evie, Pohf, Lish and Guon did a splendid job arranging the plant favours, placemats and guest seating.

The placemats had the dinner menu printed on it and doubled up as place cards (handwritten name labels) and main course indicator (colour of placemat).

The wedding favour of assorted little plants in chinese takeout boxes labeled with respective scientific names were a hit with the guests, many whom took several pots home.

Our wedding dinner was just as we wanted it to be: an intimate and cosy gathering of friends merrymaking over great music (our very own digital mix tape), absolutely delicious food and lots of cider, wine and beer! Cheers!

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Church of the Holy Spirit, Upper Thomson Road / Wedding Lunch Venue: My Humble House, Esplanade Mall / Wedding Dinner Venue: Chalk, Old School / Carina’s Dress: Aidan Mattox / Carina’s Wrap Boots: TOMS / Plants: Far East Flora



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“One cannot be deeply responsive to the world
without being saddened very often.”
Erich Fromm

The tissue packet lady who stands at the steps outside the church every day, swollen legs and back hunched over, rain or shine; the one with the life-giving smile that makes you wave and return a smile.

The disabled guy with a cheerful grin who sells lottery tickets outside the shopping mall on the weekends and the man who patiently feeds him a packet of mixed rice during lunch.

The blind singer musician who lifts my heart each time he sings a hymnn that echoes in the underpass tunnel, whose gravity of presence is a comforting constant among the unending change of people going to and fro.

The jolly old man who takes a bus faithfully every weekend to join his street busker friend as they entertain the dispersing church crowd with their off-key and comical renditions of worship songs, the one who makes you grin when you catch him nodding off or waving his cane excitedly at a friendly passerby.


so very magical

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Loved the song and its lyrics so much, I had to reproduce this post from our wedding blog:

When Adyll wrote back to confirm that The Graduate Singers will be available to sing for our wedding mass, we were more than overjoyed. We had heard the ensemble sing at John’s cousin’s wedding last year and fell in love with their beautiful harmonies. One of Adyll’s proposed song choice left me stunned when I realised that the lyrics are from one of Rumi’s wedding poems. To have a Sufi mystic’s poetry sung at our wedding… I can’t begin to describe it… *takes deep breath*

This Marriage by Eric Whitacre

May these vows and this marriage be blessed.
May it be sweet milk,
this marriage, like wine and halvah.
May this marriage offer fruit and shade
like the date palm.
May this marriage be full of laughter,
our every day a day in paradise.
May this marriage be a sign of compassion,
a seal of happiness here and hereafter.
May this marriage have a fair face and a good name,
an omen as welcomes the moon in a clear blue sky.
I am out of words to describe
how spirit mingles in this marriage.

Jalal al-Din Rumi, 1207-1273


T-19 days *sweat*

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Hydrate hydrate hydrate. OK. Do something about flabby arms. GUILTY. Get enough daily sleep. Don’t stay up late. FAIL. Stop eating albumin and its bovine relatives. EPIC FAIL. Think happy thoughts. Really?

A cardiology-neurology crash course in seven weeks, a written test next week, an oral presentation cum certification at the end of the month, training modules to polish in a 5 days and a flurry of activities both at work and at home that are only just beginning as I count down the remaining sembilan belas hari…

It’s 4:30 am, my mind won’t rest and Mercy is nowhere in sight.
Egads, suddenly this whole undertaking of starting a new job and project managing a wedding feels REALLY daunting.


we are golden

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We were in the cab rushing to the printer’s to check the samples and label the packages. I can’t remember what I was talking to Carmen about but somewhere in that moment along Devonshire Road, when my eyes caught the falling leaves framed by beautiful trees through the windscreen… I took a deep breath and knew right there and then, that I’m home.

I don’t know why it took me so long to take myself out of the equation but I know I’m so much happier. In that simple moment, I know all is good.


bunny greetings

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Till we have a pet, Mafia Mus has to stand in as the festive happy bunny!!
新年快乐, 年年有余, 身体健康, 阖家欢乐, 工作顺利!